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Cruelty against a dog, please help?

Dear All, First of all I would like to congratulate the creators of this site and people who participate regularly . I need your help for a rather long and complicated problem . Here it goes: Rocky was picked up my landlords servant from the street at an early age of about 20day/1 month . He used to stay inside the house on the terrace day and night till the time he reached at an age of 3-4 months . Then after that they would leave him outside - to loiter around , eat garbage , play with other street dogs , without any water and they would feed him every once in a while . During this time I would feed him and play with him and he developed a bond with us . During this time he went through several incidents as follows : -When he was staying on the terrace he fell from the second floor to first floor in the night. He was discovered -& rescued in the morning . -He came under a car but luckily got away unhurt -The servant beat him up once so he got pissed and ran away from home and was discovered several KM away from the house the next day . -Got his tail bitten by other dog . Also due to his chasing of the cycles, people started threatening my landlords that they will beat Rocky he they don????t control their dog . To this my landlord & the servant????swould just shrug and say ???€?he is not our dog you can do what ever you wanna do??????? However the last incident did it for me - He was brutally bitten by other street dog only to be left outside without any medical care in scorching sun and no water ???€?as his dropping blood would stain the marble flooring of the house .When I discovered this I took him to the vet and got his treatment . In time I also got his complete vaccination done . Since that day he has been staying with us . Now we are a working couple with a 9:30 to 6 job . So we have no choice but to leave Rocky in our balcony . He is completely potty trained .And follow basic cammonds like sit , paw ,down etc . In between I have arranged the landlord????s servant????s wife(ironically)to take Rocky for a walk . But we can see that he gets lonely and shows strong separation anxiety traits like shredding his mattress despite of giving him a lot of toys .He also chews everything in sight and always craves for attention . Besides that we take him for regular walks 3-4 times a day. Also quite understandably the servant is pissed with us and keep on throwing comments for ????tealing his dog???? . And my landlord thinks that dogs should be left outside so they can guard the house - which I know will once again lead to a series of disaster with Rocky - so there is no question that I gonna do that . Also my landlord and the servant had a GSD who they had given away to a farm because they could not manage him an he had started biting people . ..So here are my questions : 1)I have been suggested by several people to get another dog for Rocky ???€?but I know to maintain two dogs is twice the effort and money. Plus Both me and my husband????s parents live out of city so we are most likely to travel atleast 2-3 in an year . Ofcourse we have hostel facilities for dogs but two dogs can be expensive? how imp it is to get another dog at this point ? 2) If we do keep a dog ,any suggestion for the breed , that is small and low maintenance .How about adoption from a rescue centre. I think an adult or a semi adult male would be apt????ight? 3)Thirdly we will staying this house for atleast 3 more years. We don????t want to spoil our relationship with the landlords /servant but there comments are getting a little too much ???€?How can I handle them without pissing them off ? How can we make them understand that one can keep a dog just for company and not necessarily always for guarding without being rude? Rocky is right now 8 months old . Any suggestion are welcome and Thanks for reading .
By DoggieDawg · 19 Jan 2009 12:30 pm


By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 21 Jan 2009 10:45 pm
my suggestions as per the querry 1) well 2 dogs can be good company. better to adopt a small one ie pup so that Rocky remains the Alpha and they have good bonding. Get a Pariah dog ie a stray one.Infact 2 dogs are less effort and juts 50% more in terms of money. Pariah dogs adapt very well and hardly needs vet care except for vaccinations. (2) a pup would be better..get a female pup. spay her at an age of 6 months. Neuter Rocky also now. it costs 1500 at most. (3) tell them Rocky is now your adopted dog and you wish them to respect him also. Also whenever Rocky feels threat, he willl bark always.. so the servants too need to keep their ears open for his bark.
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By shilpa · 28 May 2009 8:13 pm
One thing I would suggest is to get Rocky registered in MCD by your name as owner. Your landlord have problem because earlier Rocky was there dog and the bond between the owner and dog never developed that side but it developed with a dog lover and dog. If you would like know about the Animal protection act please let me know.
Be very careful because these kind of people because of Jealousy try to kill them.
A good suggestion has already been given of adopting a female Pariah.
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