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Please suggest me how can i protect my puppy?

Dear friends, I purchase a LAB dog MALE from a breeder on 29dec.2011 at the age of 38 days without any vaccination done. And very unfortunately after reaching home within 3 hours the puppy starts bloody stool and become seek, I contacted the breeder and he denied helping . after that I contacted to vet and he suggests for saline and treatment, very unfortunately after 4 days treatment doctor declared that my puppy is effected by PERVO and 5th day he expiered.i could not able to apply any vaccination to him. I am shocked and still could not forget the puppy am scared about the purvo virus and pls suggest me that how can I protect my puppy properly from this deadly virus and others virus for my new dog who is coming on April 2012. I WANT TO PROTECT HIM ANY COST, NEED YOUR VALUABLE ADVICE TO CHOOSE A LAB DOG AND BEST PROTECTION GUIDELINE FOR HIM.PLS ADVICE.
By DEBRAJ · 05 Feb 2012 1:58 pm


By arvind singh · 16 Feb 2012 12:52 pm
Hi Debraj,
I saw you query little late... I am not a vet... but I will try to give you details on this deadly virus.
In you I noticed few things:-
1. The breeder from which you bought puppy is not a good breeder at all.
2. 38 days old is too young to separate from his/her mother.
3. I am not sure whether your puppy got colostrum from his mother or not. Because Parvo at this age is not possible (normally) if a puppy gets colostrum from his mother. Colostrum gives puppies immunity to fight with several diseases.
4. For a puppy age less than 1 yr, whenever you found bloody stool & bloody vomit, contact a good vet without any delay. Don't take it easy, when you find blood in stool & vomit.

Parvo is very very dangerous virus for dogs especially having age less than 1 yr. And it effect Rottweilers most.
I am saying it all from my own experience. I am having a female rott & she got parvo @age 7-8 months even after proper vaccination. But my quick response, vet's effort & god's grace saved life of my sweet girl. Now she is absolutely normal & at age 11 months.

Please take care few things in future.
1. Don't take any puppy before age of atleast 8 weeks.
2. Proper vaccination on time & by a good vet.
3. Blood in vomit & stool can be parvo (90%) so don't wait for a single moment.
4. Keep wood & other infectious things out of reach of your puppy.

Take care...
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By Tanushree Lele · 20 Feb 2012 3:53 pm
Pls make sure you get the puppy from a good breeder... You can also email me on tanu16_sweet@yahoo.com and I can definitely help you with a good breeder... or the best option is... ask the vet to accompany you when you go to choose the pup...
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