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Right time for my dog core vaccination?

Dear friends, Thanks a lot for your supports and all informations.my lab puppy is now 69 days old and I done his first PUPPY DP VACCINE(COMPANY-MSD) dated on 18/3/2012.AT HIS 49 DAYS Old. I already connected with my VET and as per his advice that after 1 month, I can go for his CORE Vaccine DHPPI.AFTER DOWORMING 7 DAYS PRIOR, IT MEANS 15THAPRIL 2012 THIS MONTH, 1. SO I DO REQUERE your valuable advice that is it THE RIGHT TIME FOR HIS CORE VACCINE ? 2. AND WHAT WILL BE HIS RIGHT VACCINE THIS TIME? DHPPI OR ANY OTHER LATEST VACCINE? 3. PLEASE MAINTION THE VACCINE NAME AND COMPANY? PLS, ADVICE ME YOUR BEST.
By DEBRAJ · 09 Apr 2012 10:54 pm


By · 12 Apr 2012 11:12 am
go as belwo

1) 9 in 1 boster dose(vaciination against 9 diseases)( company name forte dodge)
2) within 30 days next boster does of 9 in 1( comapny name forte dodge.

puppy dp should have been done long time ago.. i.e when the puppy is 30 days old.

so u r slighlty behind schedule.

in the mean while.. also start with carona injection and after 30 days give booster of carona injection.

make sure you dont give any two injections on the same day. no matter how much the doctors tells you. they will try and get the money out of you..

deworming can be done at home. with drontal plus.. read this link. https://www.dogspot.in/dewormi ng-by-drontal-plus_1/

after this around the fourth month give anti rabies..

make sure not to give any medicine or teh injection when the puppy is unwell. or is facing any effects of any of the medicines. there shoudl eb gap of 7 days.

tc enjoy

never buy a puppy from a pet store, veterinary doctor or a backyard breeder. Read this blog https://woofindia.wordpress.co m . Post your query there and he will help you. Best guy in India.

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By Ayon Saha · 23 Dec 2012 4:42 pm
I use Vanguard Plus L CV
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