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I am going to adopt a 1month LAB male puppy, but I am afraid regarding his food,help?

Dear friends, I am going to adopt a 1month LAB male puppy, but I am afraid regarding his food . please suggest me 1.what I have to provide him for food, ROYAL CANNYAN STARTER or continue with CERELAC? 2.THAT IS IT TOO EARLY TO ADOPT THE PUPPY? 3.WHEN I WILL GIVE PUPPY DP VACCINE TO HIM? PLS. ADVICE DEBRAJ.
By DEBRAJ · 28 Feb 2012 10:41 pm


By ezhil · 29 Feb 2012 8:09 am
dunt give cerelac !! im also having a lab puppy !! i adopted her after 40 days ! i gave her pedigree large puppy weaning for 4 months !! i dunt knw about royal cannine
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By Sadhish M · 29 Feb 2012 5:08 pm
Hi Debraj,

Please dont adopt a puppy when it is 30 days old wait until it is atleast 60 days old to avoid may issues later for example

Puppies adopted any less than 60 days will not develop social behaviour since they would have spent no time with the mother and the litter mates . So they tend to bite their human companion while plaing not knowing they are hurting us .

And with regards to food strictly no cerelac. Feed any dry food for the first few weeks you may soak them in water and feed your puppy this helps in Digestion. Do make sure the dry food you are feeding your lab meets the following .

For a healthy Labrador puppy, you need a moderate protein/fat/calorie food. There is a myth that high protein/fat/calorie food will result in a bigger dog. This is simply not true. The only likely effect it will have is to cause your puppy to develop nutritionally caused bone diseases.

Never feed any food with a fat content above 15% as this promotes accelerated growth. In large breeds, accelerated growth is likely to cause growth deformities and early arthritis. You should also not feed low protein or fat food as they are not high enough in calories.

It is generally a good idea to feed the breeder’s recommended puppy food until the puppy reaches its adult weight. For female Labrador Retrievers, that happens at about 11-12 months old, and for males somewhere between 14 and 18 months old.

If you want to switch to a different puppy food, make sure that you switch the food slowly over the period of about a week. Over the course of a week, mix the old and new food together, slowly increasing the amount of the new food until after a week you are feeding the new food. Don’t be surprised if your puppy has an upset stomach during this period.

After this you can switch to an adult (maintenance) food for the rest of your puppies life. Try to stay on a food that has no more than 26% protein and 15% fat at least until the dog is 18 months of age. You should never feed a ‘Performance’ dog food to a puppy as it can cause all kinds of problems later in life!

all the best and take care

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By Ayon Saha · 29 Feb 2012 11:46 pm
1. Continue with Cerelac. If u at all want to shift to RC Starter, u can after 45days.
2. Indeed its toooo early to adopt. Proper age is at least 45 days.
3. Within 40-45days. Talk to your vet for proper schedule of the vaccination. This is very important for the pup.
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