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My lab did conceive but it was miscarried, please suggest?

Dear Mr. Singh, Would like to let u know that my lab did conceive but it was miscarried. She is now under proper medication and doing fine. I want a suggestion. She is a hyperactive one. She will never rest in one particular place. But when she is going out with his trainer for obedience practice she will never concentrate on anything else. She has already won 2 first prizes in 2 shows in town. Now i believe that her hyper activeness is the reason why this fiasco happened. We live in a two storeyed building and she has got a room which is 100 sq ft in area. She is normally kept free inside the house but when the pregnancy was confirmed we kept her mostly inside the room due her hyperactiveness. So in future if she conceives may be next year how do we keep her with minimum jerk and no accident.
By Amitava Mukherjee · 28 Feb 2011 1:19 pm


By sandy · 02 Mar 2011 9:08 pm
Thats not the reason it is just an unexplained incident....100 seeds are sown but only 50 mature so u r case is also similar to that unless your bitch has some kind of issues which the doc couldn't identify. if this happens again with another male as well then definitely u r female needs to be checked.

Does the male used have a proven producing, i mean have you see its litters or pups or is this the first mating ?
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By Priyanka Datt · Dog Care · 30 Aug 2017 11:34 am ·
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