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How to mend the habbit of dog to jump on food,mud, ants,bricks?

Dear sir/madam, I have a black spitz (2months and 25 days old.) and a GSD of seven years old. Both are female. But the little puppy is too active and fearless, she always wants to eat something, mud, pieces of concrete, bricks, little ants, even try to snatch food from the food bowl and mouth of the big GSD. The GSD is very decent and seldom growls at the spitz. Moreover when we are going to eat anything the spitz tries to have it at any cost. When we brought it to our house she tries to bite us frequently. Somehow we have managed to reduce the biting to some extent. Please advice me so that this spitz puppy behave decently towards others food.
By seema sen · 05 Jun 2011 3:29 pm


By Navjot Singh · 05 Jun 2011 6:36 pm
Hi Seema, Puppies like human baby loves to chew or take anything on their mouth. Like human baby, puppies can't distinguish what's bad or what's good for them. It's you who have to reinforce that. Firstly, a puppy of that age must never be allowed to play in dirty place. They can easily catch infection. Secondly, an active puppy means a healthy puppy. As far as fearlessness is concerned, I'd like to ask one thing : do you want a puppy that shies away?? When we compare a seven year old dog with just two months old puppy, it's obvious the seven year old dog will show more decency and maturity than a two month old who has just started experiencing the world around him.
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