We had adopted an abandoned adult male German Spitz that had a large deep maggot infested wound?

Digestive enzymes + Probiotics brands available in India. We had adopted an abandoned adult male German Spitz last Oct that had a large deep maggot infested wound around the base of of its tale which may have effected its colon. That has been treated. However, its poop colour is bright yellow mucous type and at times diarrhea like. Though it weighs 10 kg it seems bloated. It does not drink sufficient water though we have mixing glucose in the same to improve taste. Therefore, it pees less. We do not give milk. We give it curd daily which at times mixed with 2gm of Venky's Gutwell as probiotics. We have started adding Farmina N&D low-grain Adult Mini to its daily diet which also includes roti mashed in home-made paneer, boiled egg, dal, and one Pedigree Puppy 80g pouch/day as toppings on all foods as appetizer. To get more fluid into it we have tried canned food and Kennel Kitchen, but it eats hardly more than 100gm of the same in a day or two. We have given up on such canned food and

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Surprisingly no answer to my query. Where has the old knowledgeable dog community gone? Our profiles have also become blank pages.Anyhow Appy is no more. It had stopped eating and drinking. It was being spoon fed and given drinking water through syringes. Local vets without diagnosis kept pumping in Tonophosphan, Neurobion, Depo Medrol, Nandrolone Decanoate and supplements. They could not diagnose the cause for its excessive salivation (Ptyalism) and just felt it was old age related. In Nov 2015 it had been castrated to reduce prostate without taking into account the effect of the same on the lumbar and coccyx spine that may earlier have been effected due to the maggot wound and felt no need of subsequent blood tests, ultrasound or x-rays despite post-surgery its walks declining. For Lucknovite dog owners I would advise to avoid these clinics which are just profit centers run by vets having govt jobs. Take ur pet to a veterinary hospital always or contact Jeev Aashray, http:// or call +919839652778 / 8009521111
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