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My dog has been urinating blood while he urinates, help?

Hi Doc, I have lab 5 months old. I got him from a breeder where he was not well kept. however currently his wait is 14 kg (2 weeks back). however his diet included Ekanuba lab junior dog food twice a day and roti with curd once or twice. He has been urinating blood while he urinates. There are times when he stops to urinate I can see that he is trying to pass urine but not able to. There are 3-4 drops of pure blood at least twice a day. I have shown him to vet he mentioned that I must have sprayed mosquito which I did apparently; after that I have not sprayed any. there was no change in the urinating patter. I showed him to another vet he mentioned that there is possibility he got infection from dog food. the vet asked to stop the dog food and keep him on Milk,curd , corn flakes and roti only. total feed/day of 150gms/ 4times the vet suggested following medicines - 1 tablet of Nutrich a day; CCM Vitamin D3 4 tabs a day and 1 tablespoon of Alkasol 3 times. its being 2 days I do not see change. Moreover my dog has no stamina; he has become lazy and also started snoring while sleeping. not active at all. I checked he is breathing slow also compared to times before. Please suggest what should I do? I am concerned with his health. regards, Jas
By Jaskirat Singh · 10 Oct 2011 10:52 pm


By nikhil · 11 Oct 2011 7:52 pm
blood in dog's urine can be due to any reason it may be due to Urinary Tract Infections affected dogs exhibit blood in the urine often accompanied by other key symptoms such as frequent urination, painful urination, straining, licking genitals and fever. The condition can be easily treated with a course of antibiotics.
Bladder stones
Bladder stones also known as uroliths, are not uncommon in dogs. The two most common types of bladder stones found in dogs are: struvite stones and calcium oxalate stones. Dogs will bladder stones will develop painful urination, straining and bloody urine. Treatment mainly consists of dietary changes and in the case of large stones, surgical removal.
Prostate Infections
Prostrate infections occur only in intact male dogs. Symptoms suggesting prostate infection in dogs consist of: bloody urine, enlarged prostrate, difficult and painful urination, straining, lack of appetite and fever.

see the symptoms and take the dog to a reputed vet , who doesn't practice for money , praying for him and hope he gets well soon .
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