Does My Dog Have a Cold? Please suggest me how to recover my dog?

If your dog is coughing, has a runny nose, or is slightly off-colour, you may be inclined to think they have a cold However, the human cold is not contagious to dogs. So the short answer is no, your dog doesn鈥檛 have a cold.

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Keep your dog warm and dry.Limit time spent outside during cold weather. Cold air tends to make the bronchial tubes constrict; this makes it more difficult for your dog to breathe.Provide extra nutrition like boiled chicken and brown rice to coax your dog to eat. This will keep his or her strength up and provide immune system support.Run a cool mist vaporizer near your dog's sleeping area to help keep the bronchial tubes moistened.Encourage your dog to drink liquids, even if you have to tempt your pet with low sodium chicken broth. This will help keep nasal secretions thin and less likely to clog your dog's nose.
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