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Suggest some Dog Breeds for older Couples?

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Dogs for Old People: Dogs that are not very active are good for the old person.

1. Pug
2. Bullmastiff
3. Greyhound (retired or older)
4. French Bulldog
5. Yorkshire Terrier
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2014-05-20T18:36:24+0530 20 May 2014 6:36 pm
really strange advice... I agree about pug and yorkie, but the rest... I would suggest Pomeranian. Labrador retriever, dachshund (not sure about spelling), many toy breeds .if you are interested in toy breeds with short hair - I have miniature pinscher and Russian toy terrier puppies .
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2014-05-21T14:23:22+0530 21 May 2014 2:23 pm
Hi Elena, would you mind if i justify the above breeds proposed by Faisal?

- Bullmastiff is the most docile and (arguably one of the most laziest) dog breeds I have come across. Although the size might put you off, but an older BM like over 4 years of age might be the most ideal pet in the list for older owners.

- Greyhound is similar answer as they are also one of the most silent and inactive indoor breeds. Contrary to popular belief, although they are racing dogs; they do not need any exercise in the week before or after racing. Especially retired Greyhound are the best in the list for older people who are less able to walk and excercise them on a daily basis. They are one of the most silent breeds known to us as well.

- French Bulldog again is a good companion with an animated character. Although a bit higher maintenance, they are still quite manageable for the senior pet owners.

Why not these breeds:

- Labrador is one of the highest energy requirement breeds in the world meant to be retrievers, swimmers with endless stamina. This breed will be the least ideal according to me for older people. They are good to train but doesnt mean you can get away without stimulating their body and mind on a daily basis. I feel atleast 2hrs a day of excercise is required for such breeds.

- Pomeranian is still one of the considerable breeds from what you mentioned, but they are still territorial and snappy like Chihuahuas (also yorkies a bit), so not something I would suggest for the faint-hearted.

- Dachshund is again a relatively good suggestion. The only catch is they are hounds, and hounds are the most difficult breed to train because of their prey drive. Scent hounds like Beagles, Bloodhounds, Bassets and Dachshunds are controlled by their nose and go where an attractive scent pulls them. Which means they will not respond to owners when outside in a park or on a walk.

Good suggestions from you but low energy level of dogs is the essence when looking for elder pet parents. :)
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