My dog keeps his nose up and doesn't breath perfectly ,what problem is this?

My dog keeps his cold nose up and is unable to sleep properly ,sometimes it feels like there is something in his throat, I can upload or send a video if you want but please answer what problem is this.
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In case you observe that your dog is having a trouble in breathing, there is could be numerous possibilities to it. A careful diagnosis can not just help you in understanding the problem but also providing them much needed cure if not its prevention. Though it is quite common to occur among flat-faced breeds like bulldogs or pugs that possess narrow nostrils, it may affect any dog irrespective of their breed or age. As compared to humans, they have a slow breathing rate which may range between 20-34 breaths in a minute whereas it may increase depending upon external factors like weather and mood.A breathing problem could be due various reasons that might be affecting the respirating organs of a dog. Therefore, it is important to understand the symptoms well before any medication or treatment.Dyspnea is a breathing condition where the pet is breathing with greater difficulty than they usually do in a normal environment. Some common signs may be seen in the form of forceful and noisy breathing through nostrils, trying to breath through mouth while extending their neck against the body. This may also link to various serious problems like pneumonia and others that are related to lungs and heart. A rapid breathing could be an indication of Tachnypea where they would be breathing a faster pace than usual with traits of stress and fear. This could also indicate heatstroke during summers which is why careful monitoring is always required.With various environmental changes around, animals especially dogs have become prone to different respiratory diseases. It is highly recommended to supervise your pet’s behavior and eating habits on regular basis as it would aid you to understand the early signs better which could eventually help in preventing unwanted happening.Another thing that should be considered while having awareness about animal wellness is to have an experienced vet at your speed dial. This also means that one should have their pet’s reports updated. They may have allergies and reactions which would vary from one pet to anotherA pet with regular vaccines and healthy diet would always be at a lower risk of falling prey to such diseases. Moreover, regular exercise and physical activities also keeps these risks at bay.
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