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My dog is making a lot of problems when we take him out for a walk, how to improve his behaviour?

So my dog is a Husky, 3 years old, and we have a lot of problems with him when we take him outside for a walk. Firstly, whenever we are passing by any small dog breed, he starts to pull really hard towards them, and it looks like if we would let him come close it wouldn't end in a friendly way, so we don't let him come close. Secondly whenever we pass same size dog or even bigger, who is a male, he starts to act really aggresively, we tried to let him come close to those kind of dogs few times, but it always ended up in them trying to bite each other (ofcourse our dog would start it), well and the last problem is that, when we are passing by a female dog which is his size or bigger, he tries to hump her... (he also tries to do this to or little kitten..) When he was younger the bad thing is he didnt really get to socialize with other dogs, since where we live there are not many, and now he is completly unsocialized, and acts like that. I do realize that he may be acting like that because of his age, but there still is a way to make him stop acting like that isnt there ? i do not trust him anymore, i would like to trust him again,in case anyone is wondering we do make him wear a muzzle when we are out for a walk, but it is a pain to see him in it :(. Also we are considering to castrate him, but we are not sure, since most of the dogs we know who are castrated are really dull, and dont seem to enjoy living, thy just eat and sleep like cats. Now our dog is such a sunshine when he is at home with us (he is not castrated), but once we step outside together with him, he turns into someone else :'), so it would be really sad to see him end up being dull and sad.So the question would be is there a way to improve his behaviour? should we castrate him ? or should we just wait it out, when this stuff like mating and prooving his dominance won't interset him as much anymore? if we should wait it out then at least please suggest any way to make him act at least a bit better when we are taking him out for a walk :( thank you for your time reading this and also sorry for spelling or grammar mistakes, I'm still learning english :)
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yashkant gaur
By shivani Dog Training Behaviour 20 Jul 2014 11:27 am
yashkant gaur
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