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My dog is afraid of sitting or traveling in car or auto. please suggest

my dog is afraid of sitting or traveling in car or auto. please suggest
By Amarnath · 30 Aug 2013 8:01 pm


By Raghuraj Rana · 18 Sep 2013 4:24 pm
let your dog be near the auto or car with the engine running .. make a practice so that the dog is used to the car or auto and the engine noise,, then try to get the dog in the auto or car while the engine is running.. in car ensure that windows are slightly opened up the dog is able to settle down in the car with engine running with doors closed slowly take him on a ride... ensure that the driver is a different person from the one who is taking the dog near the car or auto this way the dog will have courage/confidence with the handler and may settle down while the car is running
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By Amika Rai · 19 Mar 2014 6:53 pm
Even my dog had the same issue .. I left my car open for him and he got inside sniffed the place for 30 mins then came out.. next day I sat with him inside the car with door closed and windows open .. it took 2 days for him to figure out.. now he enjoys the ride with open windows and head out in wind
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