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My Dog Sandy who is about 1 year old,she does not attempt to drink water,help?

My Dog Sandy who is about 1 year old. She does not attempt to drink water. Very rarely she drinks water and is a nevrous dog. When guest come to our house, she runs under the bed or out of the house. Kindly let us know how do we resolve this problem? Please advise. Regards Celes
By Celes · 17 Sep 2011 8:50 pm


By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 17 Sep 2011 9:40 pm
she ever have a traumatic experience of being dropped or slip out of someones arms?.look at ceaer Milan's website for a nice tip on this issue.
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By nikhil · 18 Sep 2011 1:12 pm
It is difficult dealing with a scared or nervous dog, they tend to get very nervous around strange people, places, and sounds. Dogs get fearful or scared because they were not properly socialized from puppy-hood. A dog only has a very short window for socialization ,if socialization is not set between the ages of 25days to 5 months the dog will not have the confidence that she should have had, try taking her out for walks and when u go,make sure and meet a few people on the way and try rewarding her when she confronts them ,Continue to introduce her to new things, just be sure to go real slow, with tiny steps. should help !

she, like us, need to drink water every day. Also like humans, dogs are at risk for dehydration if they avoid drinking water. A dog is actually at a greater risk for dehydration than us cos they release heat from their bodies much more slowly. A dog’s body heat is released through the pads of its feet and its nose.try finding out if she is dehydrated by pinching the skin between your her shoulder blades, it should spring back immediately. The slower the rate of recoil, the more dehydrated she is , try encouraging her to drink water and If you can't get results from gentle coaxing and encouragement, try moistening her regular food with water. see if this helps
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By Navjot Singh · 18 Sep 2011 7:31 pm
I agree with Nikhil that this nervousness is due to nothing but lack of proper socialisation. What don't you go ahead and get this behaviour corrected? Get 2 friends of yours whom she doesn't know and let them sit in the room where she hides under the bed. Just make sure that you don't make too much fuss about the two visitors and just keep the things as if nothing has happened. She'll take time to come out of nervousness but eventually she should become okay. As she becomes comfortable with 2 guys, bring in 2 more people unknown to her and this way you can help her become a well-socialised creature.
About drinking water, I'm not sure why she is not having or having little water. Is he having home-cooked food with milk? I've come to know dogs who have home-cooked food tend to drink less water. My Labrador is on kibbles and he drinks a lot of water. But, I think, it'll be better to show her to the VET.
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