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My dog is suffering from skin infection, what to do??

My dog is suffering from skin infection from about 8 months now it has gone very bad his leg is having a hole through which worms are coming i have done and tried every medicine but every failed what to do i cant get .he is also smelling very bad . veterinarian has also given their time but all in vain , please suggest its urgent.

· 2014-08-14T10:43:41+0530 14 Aug 2014 10:43 am


· 2014-08-22T18:57:41+0530 22 Aug 2014 6:57 pm
This is a SERIOUS condition....only a GOOD vet can help you....take a step ASAP!!!

Combinition of spray, ointment, antibiotics and regular dressing can help.
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· 2014-08-22T23:27:59+0530 22 Aug 2014 11:27 pm
he is no more
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· 2014-08-24T02:21:18+0530 24 Aug 2014 2:21 am
Shashi, u have not mentioned which breed of dog u have. Explained below is what we had been doing for our adult male German Spitz (Appy) weighing 13 kg who had crazy itching of the skin resulting in rashes and also had some allergy due to which it had become fond of biting at one of its paws. This is all because of the wet and/or high humidity in North India at this time. Deworm it every three months. Keep interchanging the dewormer - Drontal Plus, Born Trap, Prazy Plus, etc. one tab per 10kg weight. Do not allow it to remain wet even due to humidity and if need be use a hair dryer. We wash or brush its feet after every walk to remove the dirt. We give it a bath every 10th day with Himalaya's Erina EP (Ectoparasiticidal) Shampoo rinsing it after 10 minutes of application. After that we apply a mix of SEBOPIL Medicated shampoo which is also anti-septic and anti-pruritic plus PetBen Benzoyl Peroxide shampoo for pyoderma. Again, leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. Then pat dry and use a hair dryer and low heat along with a comb to get to the roots of its hair. For medicine we were asked to give it 1/2 tab twice a day for 7 days of CLX-Pet 300 together with anti-histamine anti-allergy Citrizen 10 mg one tab at night. For the whole in the leg from which "worms" are coming out you would need to cleanse daily by picking out the worms with application of hydrogen peroxide soaked cotton (do not pour into the wound as it burns), then apply Betadine and finally cover with Lorexane Veterinary Cream. These "worms" if off-white in colour maybe maggots. You would then also need to give it an injection every day of antibiotics and pain killer. When we adopted Appy last October it came to use with a maggot infested wound around the base of its tail and its weight was a mere 8-9 kg. Talk with your vet about what I have detailed above. All the best.
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By gspal · 2014-08-24T02:36:49+0530 24 Aug 2014 2:36 am
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/dog-suffering-from-skin-infection-from-about-8-months-now-g
Shashi, during treatment, give it Velcote Liquid feed supplement for better skin and coat, and for combating dry, scaly skin conditions with resultant hair loss. If it has tangles/knots of hair then you would need to clip them at the root. Give it a balanced diet rich in Omega 3. I have been giving Appy Farmina N&D LG Chick+Pomegranate Adult Mini or Medium with 30-40 gms "appetizing" topping of Pedigree Real Meat (Chicken chunks in gravy) meant for puppies. It comes in 80gm pouches and we freeze the rest for the next day. Spitz are finicky eaters. We do not give it the adult variety of this topping as it starts stinking quickly on opening the pouche comprising of liver chunks.
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By varsha · 2014-08-27T11:20:35+0530 27 Aug 2014 11:20 am
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/dog-suffering-from-skin-infection-from-about-8-months-now-g
Hi sashi its so panic. U should consult dr. Gautam unnay in ram vihar delhi. His mobile no is 9810053451.and his sitting timings are 9:30 to 12:30 in morning,5:30 to 8:30 in evening.his website is :www.drgautamunny.com and email:gautamunny@gmail.com and his full address:G-6,G-13,vardhman market,ram vihar(opp. Anand vihar petrol pump) .I believe u will definately get the solution. He is best and a pet lover also.
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