Navjot Singh
I'm making videos on dog training. I've uploaded a video on training the dog to get down and shake hands on Youtube. Other videos are underway. Please.. Read More
By Navjot Singh Dog Tricks and Fun 12 Feb 2012 6:36 pm Reply Now
Milan Bhatt
How should I teach my dog bark on command
By Milan Bhatt Dog Tricks and Fun 09 Jan 2012 3:33 pm Reply Now
Navjot Singh
How can I encourage my 6 month old Labrador to sleep and wake up in time? He tends to sleep very late at night, usually at 2 in midnight and wakes up .. Read More
By Navjot Singh Dog Tricks and Fun 11 Sep 2011 8:53 am Reply Now
Jayanthi Rahul
Hi I have a 4month old male pug puppy. He is hyper active all the time. Every time we let him out of the crate he keeps biting us. How tostop him form.. Read More
By Jayanthi Rahul Dog Tricks and Fun 30 Jul 2011 5:40 pm Reply Now
Navjot Singh
Where can I buy kong toy for my Labrador in Delhi?
By Navjot Singh Dog Tricks and Fun 15 Jul 2011 9:41 pm Reply Now
Hi good people out there. I have a Lab of 12 months. How do I teach her to bark when the door bel rings or there is some one outside the door. Will ap.. Read More
By nithia Dog Tricks and Fun 12 Apr 2011 10:35 am Reply Now
Navjot Singh
Hi my brother has a 6 months old beagle. The problem is he has a habbit of chasing smells. He runs after the smell and sometimes runs far off. On some.. Read More
By Navjot Singh Dog Tricks and Fun 30 Jan 2011 6:37 pm Reply Now
I got a gsd pedigree female 1yrs old from my friend. which is so friendly and active. it is not ferracious and guarding occassionally barking at the s.. Read More
By NAVARAJAN Dog Tricks and Fun 26 Sep 2010 7:55 pm Reply Now
I have a bitch who is going to be 3 years this march, she is been pampered a lot and treated as one of our important part of family.From puppyhood she.. Read More
By Subha Dog Tricks and Fun 20 Feb 2010 5:25 pm Reply Now

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