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My dog who is female lab is only10 months old. She is messing the full house.help?

My dog who is female lab is only10 months old. She is messing the full house. When we take her outside alongwith a pomerian male who is 9 months old is better then the female lab. As he has learnt on his own to urniate outside but is not so bad the lab who inspite of leaving in the compound has got the habit of messing the home indoors. As she goes in the compound she will eat more thrash inspite of giving her best of food indoors. She loves the dropings of the fows and cat etc. Can you suggest what is to be done. Secondly the Lab is loosing her hair.Kindly advise
By Celes · 04 Dec 2008 9:37 pm


By Priya Shergill · 06 Dec 2008 2:04 pm
Firstly, what do you feed you Lab? Secondly, when was she last dewormed? At what age did you get her?

As she is now 10 months old, you will have to spend alot more time with her house training. She must be walked outside the house on a leash every two hours and even when she wakes up or after she eats her meal. When she does her job outside, praise her "Good Girl" and give her a small piece of a snack like a Dog biscuit. She will soon learn to associate praise with her relieving herself outside the house. If she does it inside by mistake, immediately take her out again, so that she understands that this is to be done outside only. A Labrador retriever is an intelligent Dog and learns quickly under sustained training.

Shedding of hair is normal for a Labrador Retriever, however excessive shedding can also be the result of poor nutrition or internal and external parasites.
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