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Dogs are not eating because of food or timing change??

Dogs are not eating because of food or timing change, Is there any suggestions to make them to eat? Please help.
By chandan kumar singh · 05 Aug 2013 4:33 pm


By Abhinav Khare · 06 Aug 2013 1:41 pm
A refusal to eat may result in abdomen discomfort, nausea and even expulsion owing to the gall and excess abdomen acids that accumulate once there's no food within the system.
When the abdomen is empty for associate extended amount of your time, the abdomen lining becomes inflamed and irritated, triggering pain, nausea and expulsion of a transparent yellow liquid. This expulsion may speed the speed at that dehydration happens.
When associate animal refuses to eat, his blood glucose drops considerably at intervals concerning eight to 12 hours. Symptom will trigger symptoms like shivering, dizziness, lethargy and weakness; these unacquainted sensations usually build pets even less seemingly to eat.
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