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Is Egg Shell is a good Calcium supplement for dog??

Is Egg Shell is a good Calcium supplement for dog. I have Rottweiler 7 month Male, for Calcium i am feeding him Rice with Boiled egg and Curd as his hind legs look weak. please do let me know, or should i give him any tablets like from Beaphar Top 10.
By Zulfikar Ali · 10 Oct 2013 2:43 am


By Navjot Singh · 12 Oct 2013 10:13 pm
Yes, boiled eggs are good for dogs. You can feed one boiled egg mashed with bread slices in the morning, and another in the evening. Your dog is growing and that's why he may look a little slim. Keep his diet well and deworm him on regular basis. If you are concerned about the diet, you can switch to commercial diets made exclusively for growing puppies. Royal Canine and Eukanuba are best in the market. If you what to feed home-cooked food, you can feed supplements, but if you are feeding commercial food, supplements are not required.
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By Keertana Rao · 14 Oct 2013 11:46 am
Give him ostopet or skycal (medicine for calcium) i give it for my labrador
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By Ansh Adlakha · 16 Oct 2013 4:24 pm
Dogs are Carnivorous & On Top of it your Puppy is in its growing stage. Generally Dogs grow till 18 Months so First 18 months are very important. If you are only feeding your puppy Boiled Egg & Rice & Curd its not a complete diet. Firstly You should never mix boiled egg and curd at the same time, Mash the boiled eggs and feed it, and feed rice and curd mixture separately at a later time. Secondly, your puppy needs atleast 25 To 30% Protein in each meal, Egg only has 4 To 5 Grams of Protein and Rice & Curd have negligible amount of protein. So how do you expect your boy to grow strong when you are only feeding 10% protein or even less per diet. Your puppy is already 7 months old, so half of its growing stage has already passed, if you dont take care of the diet, dont expect a champion blood line. Moreover who wants to stand with a week Rott. I suggest shift your puppy immediately on Commercial Dog food atleast till the age of 12 months. You make feed one portion of commercial dog food and second meal as home cooked food which may be boiled chicken with rice, if there is a budget constraint, otherwise, keep him on commercial dog food till he is 12 months old and later you may shift him on home cooked food. Few brands that i can suggest are Taste of the Wild, Sold Gold or Royal Canine Rott Specific Flavor. Also egg shell is a good source of calcium but it may harm your puppy's digestion, the safest bet is calcium supplements which came handy and are very reasonably priced. Lastly, Remember you have a ROTT so it better be STRONG. Good Luck !!
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