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How can I encourage my 6 month old Labrador to sleep and wake up in time?

How can I encourage my 6 month old Labrador to sleep and wake up in time? He tends to sleep very late at night, usually at 2 in midnight and wakes up at 4:30 or so in morning. I return from work around 11:30 at night and take him out for exercise, play and tricks. I take him out in morning again at 6 making him run freely, chase toys when thrown, tugging etc to make him feel as tired as possible. During my absence, he mainly remains inactive, sleeping, chewing, moving from one room to another. In evening, my parents leave him in roof so that he can run and play freely. The average time spent exercising the dog is about an hour and a little more which I think is enough to make any active dog feel tired. How can I plan sleeping schedule of my dog which coincides with mine and other family members'. I just want to spend a quality time training him as he reaches a very crucial phase of his life- adolescence. Any professional suggestion would be much appreciated
By Navjot Singh · 11 Sep 2011 8:53 am


By nikhil · 11 Sep 2011 2:23 pm
my 4 months old GSD gave me the same problem , what i started doing was just before going to bed i make her run a lot play ball or hide and seek , and trust me in like half an hour she gets so tired ,then i tie her up and give a bone cal she keeps chewing it and falls asleep till like 5 in the morning , or else if i cant play with her i tie her up she barks a little but i keep talking to her and petting her she falls asleep in 10-15 mins , THE BASIC IDEA I GOT IS I LIMIT HER MOBILITY and when she cant do anything she sleeps ultimately, serves me 2 purposes , she sleeps at night and i dont have to be worried she's chewing on the furniture or destroying something . hope it will help !
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By Navjot Singh · 11 Sep 2011 3:05 pm
Nikhil, I've used this one and it does work but in morning. After exercising him well, I keep a raw hide bone which he chews with great pleasure. At 8'o clock exact, he'll go under the table and falls asleep. I wonder, how dog are so punctual in timing. I think a lot is attributed to my lifestyle. I come late at night and my puppy simply expects me to be with him longer which is a fair expectation on his part. During my absence, he's like a gentleman sleeping, chewing, moving from one room to another and a little bit of playing. When I return back, he thinks his favourite play mate is back and he tried to play as much as he can.
I'm just waiting for him to grow up a little so that he can respect the fact that when I'm asleep he must not bark and remain quiet and fall asleep. Right now, he's still a puppy.
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By nikhil · 11 Sep 2011 3:20 pm

I can understand i'v had sleepless nights myself ,they are like kids in order to sleep you have to first make them sleep and it can take really long my pup took almost 2 months now to sleep at nights and I keep her in my room so I stay up till she sleeps , eitherways give him time he will learn slowly.
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By Anil @ DoggiesDude · 11 Sep 2011 4:59 pm
a well exercised dog is a tired dog.. plan activity as per the time you need the dog to sleep
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