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How to train puppy to use washroom get fresh, if he is already trained to go outside?

Hi every1, I have a 5 month old Neo Masitff. I have already potty trained him. But the problem is he is trained to go outside 4 potty n urine. The problem is when there is no one at home he does potty n urine in the house as there is nobody to let him out. I want 2 train him 2 use the bathroom but finding it difficult as he is already used to go outside. Kindly suggest.
By ganesh marke · 04 Apr 2011 3:51 pm


By Gopal Krishna · 04 Apr 2011 10:44 pm
soak a paper with his urine and left it in the bathroom soon he will be able to find his way and dont forget to praise him with treat and petting if he do the same :)
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By ganesh marke · 05 Apr 2011 12:07 pm
hi Mr gopal thanx a lot. i've been reading ur suggestions i think they r very useful n genuine.keep up d good work guiding d beginners. all d best. i need ur guidence in 1 more thing. recently my pup had plenty of boils on his lower body n elbow. all b bpis have gone but d elbow 1's. they have become hard n when scratched white drandrofy kind of skin peels. kindly suggest.
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By xceww · 06 Apr 2011 11:39 am
1. Stop taking him out to pee till he gets used to peeing in the bathroom 2. Everytime he wants to pee take him to your bathroom,and no matter how many turns he takes don't give him an option to go out and pee. 3.Once he pees in there then it becomes easy as the smell will lure him there. 4.Be patient but consistent.
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By sindhoor · 06 Apr 2011 3:03 pm
It is a bit confusing for a puppy to learn to use multiple places to pee and poo. So you will have to be a little more patient with him and be understanding that he will take a little longer.

Newspaper training comes in handy in these cases. Next time he pees, put a newspaper on it. Then put the news paper in the toilet. This will "mark" the bathroom and will tell your puppy it is ok to pee in the bathroom.

Next, step is to get him to pee there. You must already be familiar with his toilet schedule. So when it is time for him to pee, just put him on a leash, as if you were taking him out. But instead take him to the bathroom. He might not pee, because he thinks it is not ok. So, the first time you might have to wait a very long time. But have patience and don't give up. Just wait there. He will finally not be able to control himself and will relieve himself.

At this point, explode into a little celebration. Praise him in a very excited voice, run to his treat box and treat him. Pet him copiously. Basically make him so very very happy about this little act of his. You just need to repeat this mini-pee-party 3 times. You will be surprised how quickly he learns to be so happy about peeing in the bathroom. Subsequently, you only need to praise and treat when he gets it right, and ignore when he gets it wrong.

If he has accidents, clean with a 50-50 mixture of vinegar and water and disinfect, so that there are no traces of his pee in the house. This will reduce the risk of him peeing again at the same spot. But be SURE not to yell or scream or punish him for accidents. That is negative attention and he might continue doing the same. Just ignore and clean up. It will definitely work!
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By ganesh marke · 06 Apr 2011 3:11 pm
thanks puts n sindoor i tried d news paper thing. i guess i have to b more patient. i took him to d bathroom leashed but he tried to run away. will keep trying.thanks a lot for the suggestions.
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