What is the proper growth rate of a 5 months old puppy considering height and weight?

Hi every1 my neo mastiff turned 5 months. I fed him a complete veg diet as summer is on. I feed him small quantity of spinach, carrot, beet root, french beans, chic peas, lentils(moong dal) with rice 2ce a day. also curd rice. In breakfast I feed him roasted samo seeds(rava) with 200ml milk, 1 banana n 1 boiled egg. he wieghs 27kgs. But 4m a month he has not put on weight but has grown taller. Kindly suggest.
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I dont think a vegetarian diet is sufficient for a growing dog Ganesh ji.. The curd is giving it calcium so height hsa not suffered. But i think in order to gain muscle it will surely need meat in its diet. Please consider getting some processed Dog food (i've heard good things about wellness dog food) that has Meat ingredients if you cannot feed it fresh meat. I'm a food technologist and know quite a lot about nutrition.
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hey thanx lohit. well i have started giving him royal canin giant puppy. 500 gms in a day. mor roasted rava with 1 boiled egg 1 banana n milk. afternoon royal canin 250gms, eve curd rice n night royal canin 250gms. also i give him chaas i small portions entire day. i hope i got d diet right.
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