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I would like to have your valuable inputs in regards to adding ragi to his diet and if yes how???

Hi everybody, I would like to ask you all regarding giving Ragi to my dog, Great dane male 4 mths of age. His presently being fed 03 times, once on Royal canin and twice with rice cooked with green vegetables. He was on RC only earlier but just to decrease the protein content i have started giving him home cooked food now. Also i am feeding him raw chicken feets as they are a very rich source of glucosamine. I would like to have your valuable inputs in regards to adding ragi to his diet and if yes how??? Regards
By saurabh · 01 Oct 2012 12:27 am


By milton mathew · 03 Oct 2012 7:15 am
Baby cereals and baby foods are excellent at this time. Ragi porridge is a wonder food for pups, provided they are thoroughly cooked. The high fibre content of ragi helps in the digestive process but ironically undercooked ragi can trigger indigestion.
i feed my dogs with ragi on alternate days at the end of the take advice from your doc b4 you do this

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By Pooja Nadagouda · 30 Jul 2017 4:37 pm
My two year old Labrador sheds a lot of hair since he was a puppy. We tried all sorts of vitamins, omega 3s, and other supplements but to no avail. During summer because of lot of heat at my place I started to feed him ragi with milk and his shedding has reduced a lot. I used to feed him store bought kibble tried all brands Royal canine, drools,pedigree, smartheart but shedding was severe. So now only ragi for my dog. I started adding a small spoon of ghee. He loves it. My vet has said ragi is good.
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