I have a 10 month old female rottweiler recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia,help?

Hi everyone, I have a 10 month old female rottweiler recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia. My local vet informed me that there is no permanent cure for this disease. I found in net that surgery can cure hip dysplasia. Is there any veterinary hospitals in tamilnadu to do such surgery? I love my dog and i want it to be cured as early as possible. Please Help
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You should think of surgery as option depending on the degree of severity of the condition. If your dog is laming too much and is having a lot of difficulty standing up on laying down, the severity may be high. The suggestion will be to get his hips x-rayed and show it to the Vet.
This condition can be improved and your dog can lead a normal life. There are medicines available that can help make this condition better. You can start Paws-Up tablets or Beaphers HD tabs after speaking to your Vet. Both are best in the market.
Make sure your dog's weight is properly managed as over-weighting can make this condition worse. Make sure you keep his body warm in winters and Hips Dysplacia can be very painful in Winter season. Make sure your dog has good bedding at night. Most people think exercising can make this condition worse but lack of activity can make this condition worse as dog is likely to become over-weight. So give your dog light walking in the street in the late morning and early evening.
Go through this video. It can help you understand more.
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