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Will anyone help me out with tips to find his correct age & how to get him back to his normal health ?

Hi everyone. Just a few days back me & my friends managed to rescue a GSD male(bush coat) from a breeder who had been treating it awfully. Dog had been severely beaten up & left with no food it seems.He was very weak & made minimal movement. He had become very thin & his hair had been cut very short.Moreover he had lots of deposits in both his eyes. Right now he is at my home. Will anyone help me out with tips to find his correct age & how to get him back to his normal health ? I've applied Flykill after bathing him. Then I've given Albendazole(400mg)(2) for deworming. I'm giving Calcium tablets daily with his morning food & also giving Lustercoat...Then Liv 52 syrup with his lunch. Also using Ciplox eye drops 3 times daily. He is only taking minimal food but drinks lots of water. At first he was not barking but now after 2 days his sound seems to b increasing.....He is becoming a bit playfull & runs around me while taking him for a walk. I dearly want to get him back to his normal health & I humbly request u all to help me out with suggestions.
By Mahesh · 01 Oct 2010 6:03 pm


By Gopal Krishna · 01 Oct 2010 7:44 pm
First Suggestion is Don't feel pity for him. This is the perfect time to establish your leadership. You have no idea what he has been through and this could be a reason of aggression and fear toward humans. As you said his bark is growing day by day. And I guess he might be a dominant or aggressive dog that is why they treated him like this. Don't let him pull on leash and If you see and aggression please consult a trainer ASAP
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By Mahesh · 01 Oct 2010 8:42 pm
Thankx..... But if he is to be trained he should b less than a year right....
Is there any way I can find out his age, may be from his teeth,leg etc....
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By Gopal Krishna · 01 Oct 2010 8:45 pm
who told you this??? this is a myth... dog can be trained any point of time. but as they grow they starts becoming stubborn that is the only reason they are bit hard to train. Find a good trainer. Trust me you will need a good trainer.
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By Mahesh · 01 Oct 2010 9:01 pm
Is there any lotion or cream that can b applied for fast hair growth. I'm giving him Lustercoat but seems he is unhappy with it...
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By Gopal Krishna · 01 Oct 2010 9:23 pm
Hair will grow back soon... but you have other things to worried about more or you will end up with a bad temperament dog. and probably he will end up in a leash. and I am quite sure because I know GSD and your problem will be more if he is a pure breed GSD. he is a male. so start working on it. with proper food and care rest will be fine but you need to start working on him.
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