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GSD bitch 2 months old, i am worried as she is not eating properly, help?

Hi Everyone I have an GSD bitch 2 months old, i am worried as she is not eating properly. I am giving her Royal canin junior, according to doctor she should take near about 250gms in a day of this, but she is not taking even 150gms, also I am giving her liv52 to enhance her appetite but no result, also she has normal temprature. She is very thin and week in appearance. Please suggest me something what can I do, so that she can improve her eating habits as well as her health. Mannan Kaushik Delhi
By Mannan Kaushik · 28 Apr 2010 10:10 am


By Ansh · 28 Apr 2010 3:56 pm
Hot weather may be the cause.
Boil rice marsh it , mix with curd and serve.
See, if she taking or not, in hot weather my 3 months gsd bitch also avoid dry foods.
Also gave her Glucon-D.
Additional wise give her 'health up' tonic. 5ml a day.
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By Mannan Kaushik · 29 Apr 2010 8:36 am
Thanks Ansh for your reply,
Yesterday I had taken her to doctor she done a test on her and confirm it is Parvo Virus Infection, on 19th of this month my 4 month old labrador pup was died due to this dangerous virus although he was fully vaccinated but this time situation is more critical as she has only one vacine till now.
Treatment has been started and it will go on further 8-10 days but chances of survival are only 50%.
I am doing my best rest all to the god...... Please prey for her.
Any expert also please suggest me what best possible I can do to save her.
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By Ansh · 29 Apr 2010 9:03 am
Parvo? Is she passing blood stool or vomiting?
Parvo is a fatal virus and in most cases dogs died with this.
Do following basic things.
1. Make her out of other pets.
2. When vomits or passes stool, clean it with hygenic cleaner ( You can use dettol).
3. Give glucose & Ors solution. If not vomiting.
4.Put on drips if vomiting.
5. Antibiotics for vomiting and stool.
6. Last option is 'Blood Transfusion'.
7. After curing clean the place with bleach or parvovirus can stay for 7 months longer there.

Breeds that are sensitive to Parvovirus are :
1. Rottweiler
2. Pitbull
3. Doberman
4. Gsd
5. Labs

Breeds that are less sensitive to parvovirus are :
1. Poodles
2. Cocker Spaniels.

Be sure to vaccinate any breed though and repeat vaccination at 6 to 9 months depends upon prevail of parvovirus on your local environment.

If get parvovirus use antibiotics :

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