Experienced dog and cat owner but need suggestions regarding dog breeds for apartment living

I used to have two dogs Indian spitz in past and have cats at my hometown but now I have moved to another city where I live in an apartment. I am planning to get a dog again but cannot finalise a breed that will suit my lifestyle and also living in an apartment. I can take a dog for a walk (around 4 kilometres) in the morning and then in the evening and for exercise in the weekend. Request you to suggest a breed that will feel happy with this lifestyle. I am more inclined towards GSD but also considering lab as an option. Please help.

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Hi Manold Both Labrador Retriever and German Shepherds are a great choice. You can also look at a Dalmatian / Golden Retriever as a breed for your home. You can read all about them on our WagPedia Section https:// None of the breeds like to be left alone for longer periods of the day. So if your work includes long working hours you will have to ensure or make arrangement for their boarding or stay.Happy researching!RegardsTeam DogSpot
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Thank you Admin for your quick response. Pet won't be alone at home as one or the other family member will always be home throughout the day. The concern here is that can a lady handle a big dog (GSD or lab) with leash when taken out for potty? Additionally, does GSD bite when someone from the neighbor or a relative or a maid comes to home? Can you confirm that the amount of daily walk mentioned will be OK for a GSD?
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Hi ManoldDogs can be trained to walk calmly on and off leash without pulling on the collar. As a pet parent you will have to train your pup right from the start to walk calmly without pulling or tugging.A dog will only bite someone in self defence and not otherwise. You will have to train your pup the difference between friend and danger. Keeping the pups in a supportive environment reduce the aggression and will not aggravate the dog to attack or bite some one.RegardsTeam DogSpot
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Get your self a small breed preferable a terrier. These are hardy breed and clever too and adapt very easily to Apartment living. Early socializing with the neighbours will ensure a calm and friendly dog. Also please ensure that you take out the dog a minimum of 4 times a day with out fail for it to relieve itself along with regular morning and evening walks. Weekly outings are also helpful for bonding with the family.
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