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I am facing some problem with my dog as he has habit of going to toilet on the road?

I am facing some problem with my pet dog (1.5yr lab). Recently he went to a kennel and picked up the habit of going to toilet on the road. I try to make him finish his business indoor before going on a walk, however, he still manages to excrete on road. Although it is the main road, people are still complaining and threatening to harm the dog. We hired a trainer and before he could train him to do the right thing, one person from the group tried to hit the trainer and so we had to discontinue his training. The same person again used slang against me this morning when I took my lab on walk. We are trying to get a license for him. Meanwhile, I want to know if its a punishable offence for a pet to excrete on road unintentionally and moreover if I go to the police to file a GD, will they turn against us and put my dog in trouble?
By Jolly · 09 May 2013 12:11 pm


By Adnan A Khan · 25 Oct 2014 12:21 am
It is not illegal for the pet to excrete anywhere outdoors, seeing that there is stray livestock all over India ranging from dogs to cows to even elephants who excrete out of whim wherever they like.

But as a pet parent, it is only ethical to pick up after your dog to prevent other animals catching infections while also maintaining cleanliness in the neighbourhood.

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