Can i feed boiled egg to my 2 month rottweiler puppy?

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We love eggs, don鈥檛 we? They are not only a healthy alternative but can be made in so many different (and tasty) ways. So, that brings us to the next question, is it equally good for our pets? For a matter of fact, yes! Eggs are actually very nutritious and beneficial for Rottweilers as they have nutrients that you will not find in any other food item. Eggs can actually help your Rotts to grow stronger. While you may question, what is it that eggs have that other food items don鈥檛, right? We鈥檙e here to answer all your questions to make sure your pup leads a healthy and happy life.Eggs are loaded with protein and healthy Omega fatty acids that will make sure your pup has a slick and shiny coat. Omegas and protein also encourage healthy cell reproduction. The fatty acids support the natural oils that are secreted from pores to protect your pup鈥檚 hair and skin.Rottweilers require a very high protein diet as we mentioned. They require up to 22 to 28 per cent of protein in their daily diet. So, if you do the math, if each egg has approximately 6 grams of protein, you know you鈥檙e doing the right thing by feeding your dog eggs. This also helps in maintaining the weight of your Rott puppy.Rottweiler is also a breed that requires a lot of excercise. Hence, they need more energy in the form of protein for a healthy life. The most common way to feed eggs to your pup is to give them a raw whole egg. Note that the eggshell has some great nutrients too. The eggshell provides a source of calcium to your pup so you can try and include that in your pup鈥檚 diet too. You can feed your pup eggs as a snack during the day or include them in the main meal too. Totally depends on you. Please know that cooking the eggs is not the best choice so giving them a whole boiled egg is definitely a great option. :)
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