Can I feed my rotweiller a royal canin giant puppy. He is taking maxi these days

I am unable to see growth in my rotweiller. He is currently eating royal canin maxi puppy. Can I feed him royal canin giant puppy as the royal canin rotweiller junior is out of the stock.
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Hi, yes, you can feed him giant puppy food. it is suitable for Rottweiler breed.
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When it comes to diet and nutrition, it is always important to understand the value and ingredients that goes into pet’s food. It is highly essential to go through the food component that goes while packaging.While serving them dog food, always avoid brands whose serving contain ingredients like white flour, gluten, artificial coloring, farmed salmon or preservatives. Moreover, it entirely depends on the weight and age of the dog.Good brands like Royal Canin, Pedigree and Drools have a proper chart stating the portion size that should be fed to your pet varying on the mentioned parameters. Therefore, always have a proper reading of labels that are present on the packaging.
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