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I have Got a golden retriever Puppy,what to feed her to make healthy?

I have Got a golden retriever Puppy, she was a bit thin compared to others but i liked her. I saw her mom before buying, she was in healthy condition and good looking too. Now I am feeding royal canin to the puppy, but its a bit expensive and my pup eats almost 100gms if i let her to. I want to switch to pedigree (because its affordable) but many have recommended to stay away from it. Any suggestion on wht food should i go?? here is my pups diet: 5.00am 1 bowl milk, 6am 1 km walk, 9am royal canin/chapati/idli/sugar (she wont drink milk unless something is tasty), 9.30am walk, 1pm royal cannin~pedigree, 1.30pm walk, 5pm royalcanin~pedigree, 5.30pm walk, 9pm boiled egg+ rice, 9.30 pm walk She is two months old now and weighs arond 7~10kg. Plz have a look at the pics and tell if she is of normal weight/height Thanks for your efforts, helped me a lot in choosing my puppy.
By gowt1ham · 21 Jul 2009 1:38 am


By Dinkar Singh · 21 Jul 2009 10:46 am
Am I reading right 1 km walk....please its a small baby DO NOT EXERCISE HER THE WAY YOU ARE DOING> just normal playing around at this age is enough, they need to grow properly and I would not advise for any exercise or long walks for atleast 1 yr.

Yes Royal Canin is the best, then you have Eukanoba which is a bit cheaper and then of course Pedigree, which I persoanlly do not like. Although there is a new pedigree advanced or active which I am told is better, but dont know if it comes for pups also. At two months of age you can give 4 meals to your dog and at 3 month about 3 meals. Please note that calcium and multi vitamins should also be given to your pup.

You can also prepare home made food, the only problem is that after the pup grows up you will have to feed and make a lot of rotis. For home made food you can have veg or non veg. For veg a soup/ stock with vegetables and potatoes mix it with roti's and feed it. For non veg you can again make a similar soup/ stock like mentioned above and add mutton pieces to it. But it should be cooked properly.

Do not give sweets to your dog its not good for them. The breeder is the best option to get a proper diet sheet as it will be breed specific. If you see on the long run a food like eukanoba which is cheaper that Royal canin will be better and more convenient for you also and I dont think it would be that expensive, plus follow the feeding instruction as the dog will eat less of it also.

On the net there is a golden retreiver club of india and it may be a good idea to contact them too to get a diet sheet etc or speak to breeders listed there regarding care for goldens, grooming, training etc.

The picture of the pup looks ok, but remember that they will go through a ugly stage while growing up so dont panic if suddenly your dog does not look like a golden and looks prety weird. You have seen the parents and hopefully your pup will turn out to be like them. All the best.
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By bishwadeep chatterjee · 23 Jul 2009 10:05 am
A friend of mine had visited the 'Pedigree' factory and found that the food that was being processed was not in good hygienic conditions.....
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By Ashvina.D.Bativala · 24 Jul 2009 6:47 am
Pedigree is like death sentence for the dog, I have personal experience with it.If you dont mind giving your dog non-veg then I could help you. I have two dogs & I feed them chicken,rice & vegetables. I dont give them a lot of chicken just one tablespoon with rice & vegetables & chicken soup.
What I do is I get chicken from the market & clean it & boil it with ginger garlic paste till it is done then I shred it & put it in a container & freeze it & everyday I remove two tablespoons of it mix it with rice,veges one cup soup & give this to my dogs & believe me they just enjoy it & this chicken lasts my almost a month as I buy about 3 kgs of it. You dont have to give a lot of chicken the soup is enough to give them the taste & one tablespoon of the chicken is enough. Try it out.
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By Runni · 25 Jul 2009 11:08 am
Hey, dont over excercise your pup...so much of walking at this tender age will result in deformities. Please let her play freely inside the house, thats enough. Give her a ball to play with, she will run all around the house chasing it.
I used to feed pedigree earlier, but now I have switched to home made food. I was not satisfied with my pup's growth while feeding pedigree, but now he is growing fine. I do add calcium & multi vitamin supplement to his diet. Right now he eats rice+roti+egg/chicken soup at 8.30 am, roti+curd+chicken/mutton+veggi es at 3.30 pm and roti/rice/bolied noodles/pasta+veggies+pulses at 10.30 pm. I also add choped garlic to keep fleas at bay with any of the meal. In between lunch & dinner he eats a fruit as he likes them a lot, specially banana & mango.
You can also try some home made foods if you can manage time to cook for her. Cook in bulk & store it. I cook the chicken twice a week.
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By raninaaz · 20 Jan 2012 7:55 pm
Dont use pedigree or Low quality food as they may contains by products which are not good for health.To keep your puppy in top condition use premium high quality pet food like RC, Hills ,Drools or Eukanuba.
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By varshini vasan · 06 Oct 2014 10:53 am
dont give pedigree . it is not a healthy food .continue with the same food [ royal canin]. even i have a pug , i changed it to Eukanuba . it is also a imported food . but it is not eating . DONT CANGE YOUR DOGS FOOD!!!!!!!!!
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