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Please let me know will the male be responding to the female only after 9th day?

Hi my female GSD is in 6 th day of heat my male which is a proven stud humps my female and leaves it.... will the male be responding to the female only after 9th day or will show interest from day one....plz let me know....?
By Victor Anand · 15 Dec 2010 10:24 pm


By Dinkar Singh · 16 Dec 2010 9:52 am
The best time for mating is 11th and 13th day of the heat. Before allowing ur dogs to mate please make sure they are atleast 18 months if not older. Plus are not related, that is brother sister etc. Also what is the purpose of having pups, are your dogs really dog specimens and will you be able to find good homes for them. All The Best!
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By Victor Anand · 16 Dec 2010 4:20 pm
Thanks for your info...my female fit enough and vet has approved its 18 months old and my male is Direct Import from USA its 23 months old now, so there is no common ansisters for 5 generations... i have checked in the www.pedigreedatabase.com also...i wanted a pup from my GSD's and most of my friends are waiting for more than a year for the pups...so planned to breed it according to the KCI standards, plz let me know anything i wanted to follow....last heat took almost at 9th month of my female and it took almost 25days ...but only after 15 days from day 1 the male responded and very much intersted... but i did not allow as the female so young..... so i have a dout that 11th & 13th day...or only if the male mates in natural respons....
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