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My female pom is having severe hair-fall,what to do?

My female pom is having severe hair-fall!! everywhere she go the place is full of dog hair. I brush her fur 2 times daily but it never work!!please help me!!!
By aditi · 12 Feb 2014 4:21 pm


By Navjot Singh · 15 Feb 2014 10:43 am
If your dog is shedding all over the body, it is absolutely natural. Dogs under go shedding cycle wherein existing fur leave the skin, giving way to new fur. The best way to manage shedding is to use a good shedding brush. I'm not sure which brush you are using. I'm sure if you use a good deshedding brush, 80% of your problem will be resolved. If you can spend a little more money, you can buy Furmentor deshedding brush which works great.
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By gspal · 08 Mar 2014 8:44 pm
Once a year Poms & Spitz shed hair. They have twin coats so what is getting shed is the upper layer. Some owners give a light haircut to their pets. If there is excessive shedding check for Omega 3 in its diet.
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