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I want a BLACK LABRADOR puppy . What price does it cost? Also tell me where I may get it?I live in India (state:Maharashtra city:Pu.. Read More
By Nachiket · Adoption · 10 Mar 2008 6:14 pm · Reply Now
Hi guys can any one tell me the difference between cane corso ,dogo argentino and presa canario.I am really eager to buy a dog but since i cant decid.. Read More
By Harman · Buying a puppy · 05 Feb 2010 10:01 pm · Reply Now
I want to Import a show quality GSD puppy from Germany. Can anyone recommend me any good famous GSD kennel in germany? What should be the price of the.. Read More
By Ansh · Buying a puppy · 13 May 2010 6:44 pm · Reply Now
Is drools a good dog food? I saw the constituents of drools and I saw that it contains more proteins than Royal Canin and also it is under my budget.
By chollen · General · 23 Apr 2011 7:23 am · Reply Now
Pankaj Ramesh
Hi all, Need help.! I have Labrador female puppy. She is 2 months old. I bought her when she was just 13 days old ( i bought her early because of some.. Read More
By Pankaj Ramesh · Puppy Care · 16 May 2011 4:10 pm · Reply Now
I live in an apartment and require a small   breed pup such as Shih Tzu, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, etc. Can anyone link me up with a trusted.. Read More
By somidharay · Adoption · 30 Jan 2016 11:07 pm · Reply Now
In Advertisements , any. Media TV , Paper , Dog Magazines for products as an Brand Ambassador. Thank you
By Mrs.priyarajesh · General · 25 May 2016 2:00 pm · Reply Now
Should i give a human baby cerelac to my puppy he is 3 weeks old????
By aimal · Puppy Care · 16 Apr 2012 1:04 am · Reply Now
Himanshu Mehta
Am looking to buy dog food brands recommended by the whole dog journal. Can someone please advise how I can source them here in New Delhi/India? I hav.. Read More
By Himanshu Mehta · Puppy Care · 06 Jan 2010 11:57 pm · Reply Now
himanshu sangwan
Can anyone tell me the difference between single coat & double coat GSD?? & which one is best quality?
By himanshu sangwan · General · 01 Feb 2010 5:36 pm · Reply Now
Neetika Khoda
How is Dr. Pradeep Rana of Neeti Bagh, Delhi? My vet has recommended him should my dog need surgery for a spleenic tumour. Anyone with a first hand ex.. Read More
By Neetika Khoda · Surgery · 13 Mar 2010 9:31 am · Reply Now
jitender pal singh
Which feed is good for dog? (1). pedigree (2). drools (3). royal canin (4). any other (plz specify) is there any need to give these feed to dog?
By jitender pal singh · Pet Shops · 01 Mar 2011 5:30 pm · Reply Now

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