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He doesn't play fetch, sometimes he fetches the toy but does not give the toy to me.
By Ritwik · Dog Training · 04 Mar 2020 1:37 pm · Reply Now

Give good medicine

By Chandini · Preventive medicine · 13 Dec 2019 3:48 pm · Reply Now
I am unable to see growth in my rotweiller. He is currently eating royal canin maxi puppy. Can I feed him royal canin giant puppy as the royal canin r.. Read More
By Tanay · Dog Food · 09 Dec 2019 5:11 am · Reply Now

He is very thin and not gaining weight , always hungry

By Ayush · Diseases · 01 Dec 2019 8:09 pm · Reply Now
My dog keeps his cold nose up and is unable to sleep properly ,sometimes it feels like there is something in his throat, I can upload or send a video .. Read More
By Sumit · Diseases · 13 Nov 2019 11:22 am · Reply Now
He had gotten into fights with some rival males lately. He used to respond to our calls wherever he was until now.
By Aswin · Others · 07 Nov 2019 12:30 pm · Reply Now
Formerly it was barking at strangers but from some days it had stopped barking at strangers. Pls help me and say me a trick to make him bark again for.. Read More
By Bawantha · Others · 21 Jul 2019 7:42 am · Reply Now
I’m not sure if he has worms because the first day we got him, he was normal. On the second day, I started noticing him being lethargic. I just thou.. Read More
By Alessandro · Dog Care · 30 Jun 2019 9:47 pm · Reply Now

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