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Can I get a KCI registered fawn coloured male pup for 8-10 k?

First of all a big warm hello to all you members including Rana, Dinkar singh, Warren etc I hope you guys would take out the time to guide me too. I have read each and every page and every forum post at dogspot. we are taking our first dog after reading and making up our mind for the last 3 months. We have decided on taking a Lab puppy on 15-16th of december. I am looking at the pet for companionship thus looking for a pet quality male dog. I have contacted almost all the recommended breeders on the forum ( Mr. Ghai, Sunny Kochar, Vidanes etc) My questions are as follows: 1. Can I get a KCI registered fawn coloured male pup for 8-10 k ...the prices being quoted with papers on phone are Sunny - 25K Mr Ghai 10k Vidanes 18-20k Mr saha Unique pets 12-14k 2. Does anyone have any feedback on Mr Sunil Ghai and Mr Saha ( Uniquepets Saket). Mr ghai sounds more knowledgeable and has a pup that is currently 4 -5 weeks old so in another 10-15 days will be of the right age. 3. Is it absolutely important to see the parents ? what if this cannot be arranged? Really looking for the right pointers here. Regards Vidyut
By Vidyut and Mitali Ba · 07 Dec 2009 3:15 pm


By Vidyut and Mitali Banerjee · 07 Dec 2009 3:41 pm
An update: Mr Ghai is quoting 12k for the pup ( kci registered microchipped) and am leaning in his favour.

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By Arpit · 08 Dec 2009 2:21 pm
contact KISHAN - 9213998295. my frend just bought a registered LAB pyppy for 7500/-
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By Rana Atheya · 08 Dec 2009 3:50 pm
Your welcome Vidyut,
1/ Yes you can get a puppy for 8-10K with Papers

2/ I have seen puppies from Mr Ghai's Kennel (Shaurya Kennels). Last year, my friend Vaibhav (DogSpot ID whoisvaibhav) bred his female lab (Trinity) with Shaurya's Bouncer for puppy photos : https://blog.gadodia.net/how-t o-take-puppy-photos/

3/ It is better to see parents however, if you are buying it from reputed breeder who have been in DogDom from a while (about a decade) you may exclude this option. If you cannot see the parents I would always advice to have good reference check about the breeder

You may check Vaibhav's profile on www.dogspot.in/profile/whoisva ibhav
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