What is food for one month Pomeranian puppy?Does milk is feeded or not?

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Pomeranian dogs are the tiniest of the Spitz breed. They are full of life and want the best of both the world. They want to spend time with family and also like to go out to explore the world. These dogs are perfect for an apartment and are great for first-time owners. However, this breed needs a lot of love, care and affection on a daily basis. These dogs may be small but they need a high-quality diet just as much as other big breeds do. They need protein for healthy muscles and high levels of fat to support their fast metabolism. Fry food items suit them the best as this breed is prone to dental issues. If you have a Pomeranian pup, know that he/she needs a lot of protein and calories to fuel his growth and overall development. Experts break it down to 22 per cent of protein and a total of 8 per cent fat. However, we see a lot of pet owners giving them a different version of the same combination.For the first month, your puppy should be only feeding on his/her mother's milk. If your pup is not with his/her mother then you can use normal milk without any preservatives. Please note that a one-month-old puppy will not find it easy to have milk from the bowl which is why it's best to give them milk in a bottle. If that seems to be a tough option then you can try soaking some milk in cotton balls to feed him/her. However, we suggest that you don't give them too much milk. That might mess up his/her digestive system since he/she is at a very young age. 3-4 times a day should suffice.I have also seen a few pet owners resort to mini Royal Canin or Cerelac at this age. You can try to introduce your pup to this when he is around two months. Please steer clear from human food for your puppy at this age. They will have trouble adjusting to puppy food as it is so you want to make sure that the change is gradual. It's best to speak to your vet in case you have any more doubts. Hope this helps :)
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