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Is it normal habit of dog of chewing and nibbling hands and eating just anything like wall plaster?

Hi! friends.. I hav a 2 month old labrador pup . He loves chewing stuffs n while playing he also chews my hands .. How do I stop him from chewing and nibbling at my hands and feet. He has been De-wormed ( thats what I have been told when I bought the puppy) but he still eats plaster from one of the wall sometimes . Is it normal for my dog to eat just about anything ?
By shaily · 22 Apr 2011 10:59 pm


By KamalRaj J Kuppal · 22 Apr 2011 11:39 pm
I too had same experience when my lab was three months old. What I did was whenever he chews my hand/or my home furnitures I say loud voice "No" and then I give him some chewbones/toys/even i give him empty tender coconut to play (if you concern about clean house, then pls dont give tender coconut). When he starts chewing the bone/toys what i gave to him, i prise him by giving some marie biscuits. lab pups tends to play and eats whatever they see sometimes, you should keep eye on him and dont allow him to eat plasters/polythene bags/clothes and so on...

Make him fully engaged by giving lot of play toys/ chew bones/ meaty bones (sometimes). I do also make rope soaked in water and keep in refrigeration for some hours and give that to my lab for play, this rope not only make him fully engaged but also cleans tartars deposited in his teeth. You can also get a toy called KONG from any pet stores and fill some treats in KONG and give him, so that he chews KONG (this is an excellent play toy for dogs i hope so).

Deworm him every month till he is 6 months old (thats told by my vet). Check all vaccinations done and should be up to date. After doing all these things ans still your lab bites/nibble you then you take a news paper, rolled it and hit strongly on the ground by saying "no" whenever he bites/nibble you. So that your lab instinct warm him not to do so...
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