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My pup met with a accident and got her hind leg fractured at the joint, please help?

Hi! frez ... I hav adopted a stray pup of abt 5 month old ... a month back she met with a accident n got her hind leg fractured at the joint ... I took her to the vet n he said nothing cud b done as the fracture is in such a place wher cast can't be put . N moreover pinning too cant b done I kept her in the clinic for 20 days for the open wounds to heal .. She is in pain after the pain killers hav been stopped . Though she walks around and she lil active but still i m worried as to whether the fracture will heal on its own ... plz help ..... I am planning to reintoduce her to oral pain killers bt it swont b the permanent solution . Plz help .....
By shaily · 16 Feb 2011 9:19 pm


By sandy · 18 Feb 2011 8:48 am
The fracture will heal on its owns but it wouldnt be the same as earlier, it will still limp and may not be able to move freely....

give megaflex 10 grams everyday it would help in recovery of tendons and joints.
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By shaily · 18 Feb 2011 7:08 pm
Thanks Sandy for ur reply :-) ...Presently I am giving her Melonex 2.5 ml daily .... bt she isnt eating since 2 days ... hoping that all will b fine soon ..... Do I require to give her Megaflex too ? Wat is it specifically for ... since I am giving her painkiller ....

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By sandy · 18 Feb 2011 7:10 pm
Mega flex is a supplement for dogs recovering with fracture, ligament tears etc...so it is safe.
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By shaily · 18 Feb 2011 7:30 pm
Thanks Sandy ..:-) I will start that from tomorrow itself
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