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We are looking for a pedigree dog for our sweet home,please help?

Hi fridns we r small family and we have big enough to keep an dog. We r looking for a pedigree dog for our sweet home, dont have enough money to buy a dog like saint bernard, rotweiller, boxer OR ANY BREED. Gender is not the problem for us. Anybody who want to give away please mail me or just call me at 9811357693 i will give the boarding charges or just mail me at puranchoudhary23@gmail.com. I have seen so many dog show just to take one dog but everybody is after money. We r pet lover family and we really need one companion in our family. If anybody can help please do the needful. we stay in karol bagh. Thanks
By puran choudhary · 25 Jun 2010 2:01 pm


By Bijal · 26 Jun 2010 1:09 pm
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By PRITHWIRAJ sANYAL · 27 Jun 2010 12:37 pm
Good Afternoon Mr. Choudhary,

I am Prithwiraj Sanyal, a resident of Gurgaon.
I live with my wife, Son, and my dog here. I am moving out of this country in July 1st week, and though it is really painstaking to part with my pet, but i am left with no choice and am thus looking for a pet loving family who can adopt it.

My dog is a fully grown 4 yr old male Labrador Retriever, named Ranger, and has been with us since the age of 45 days. He is extremely playful and friendly.

Please do let me know if it would be feasible for us to meet and discuss the possibilities of adoption
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By puran choudhary · 28 Jun 2010 1:02 pm
fine prithwi i will definately come to take ranger, i will give you call before coming. Thanks for your kind reply.
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