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When does pervo virus vanish from my home?

Hi friends, I had a great Dane bitch. It was died with uncontrollable vomitions and blood motions. I came to know that it was infected by the Parvovirus. After 2 days i brought home another puppy. that puppy also did after 28 days with the same vomitions and blood-motions. My question is that i am planning to get another puppy now.is it right decision or should i wait for few days?if so how many days? when does that virus vanish from my home? what precautions should i take to through away that virus from my home? which chemical should i use to through away that virus? i already cleaned my home with dettol, lizol, ...so many antiseptic liquids. what to do? please can any one suggest me?
By Rangoonkumar · 06 Apr 2012 1:25 pm


By luv · 06 Apr 2012 3:54 pm
hi, it was really unfair frm your part to buy another pup right after the death of ur 1st dog. The death of ur first dog could b his fate, bt the death of ur 2nd pup, is ur fault. u hv already caused death to 1 pup. Pls dont even think of getting any pup for the next 6 months. yes, parvo virus can stay as long as 6 months to many years if nt cleaned with BLEACH. buy clorin bleach(ala bleach) would also do. mix 2 caps in 2 ltrs of water and clean the entire house flooring, wash all cloths, shoes, anythin that both the dead dogs hv touched. throw if u can. spray bleech+water on house furniture, fan, on each and every corner of the house. and pls dnt get a pup even after six months, get a 6 month old minimum. sorry for being rude, bt life of a pup is our responsibility...
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