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Please suggest some good/reputable breeder in Bangalore.?

Hi Friends, I am planning to add Golden retriever puppy to my family. 1.Please suggest some good/reputable breeder in Bangalore. Iam not interested in backyard breeders. Is yashbans good? 2. I would also like to buy/build a puppy play pen to keep the puppy restricted access in the initial months when Iam not home. It should be large enough to hold her crate, food bowl and doggy toilet at the other end. Any suggestions? 3. Is there any shop in Bangalore where I can get Kong products?..I tried Glenands but they didnt have it.
By karthik · 10 Mar 2010 11:06 am


By Rana Atheya · 10 Mar 2010 11:30 am
Yashbans are very good
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By Dinkar Singh · 10 Mar 2010 5:37 pm
1. Yashbans is supposed to be good. I have not bought a dog from them but have used them for some import paper work and was charged a huge amount and the goods were not delivered as promised and in the end had to use my own contacts. Its the daughter of the main lady who first started the kennel, I dealt with. So please see the dogs before buying them, even though they may sound very good on the phone or talk very well.

2. Do not leave the pup for too long in the pen and introduce it slowly to it. Use it for feeding etc so the pups associates it with good things otherwise he/she will hate it. When away, I somehow feel safer when a pup is locked in a crate if ever I have to leave it in it. Pups are generally very naughty and find ways of coming out of pens, so be careful and try it out first before actually leaving the pup and going out of the house.
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By Dinkar Singh · 10 Mar 2010 5:57 pm
Rishya is the person I dealt with and who is very good at talking/ PR and convincing. So be careful. Atleast I had a very bad experience specially keeping in mind the huge amount I paid her for no hassle. prompt service, etc., as per her.
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By karthik · 10 Mar 2010 6:59 pm
Thanks Mr Rana and Mr. Dinkar for your Prompt replies. I visitied theier kennel last year. Rishya tried to convince me to buy Rottweiler puppy (I love the breed but I feel Iam not experienced enough for it yet.But would definetely have one eventually). This put me off a little as I felt she was pushing the pups to me without checking my background (By the way I think she has got an excellent female Rottweiler.Loved its temperament). I could not buy a pup for various reasons last year. I would prefer a breeder who raises the pups inside the house (socializes them) and will support me even after I buy the puppy. Please suggest me some alternate breeders in Bangalore.Would appreciate your help.
2. I am big fan of Ian Dunbar. I want to buy or build the excercise pen so that I can house train the puppy easily. I want to give her a free reign of the house only after Iam sure she is house trained /not going to destruct anything.
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By Pitbull · 11 Mar 2010 2:55 am
Yashbans and good ? Lol !! heheh.. They are No less then Backyard Breeders now!!! they ask you to come with kids.. Cauz when your KID says I WANT THIS you will get him that,.. saw them once in some show where they were selling dogs like puppy mill guys I guess Huskeys for 6 k .. with the yashban tag. No one buys dogs from them now a days.. they are like one more low quality breeders with HUGE Ammount.
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