I have a GSD which is 9 months old. Problem here is it is not showing any kind of interest,why?

Hi Friends, I have a GSD which is 9 months old. Problem here is it is not showing any kind of interest in having it and there is some hair coming out from its stool. Even months before as well it stopped having food but my vet recommended with few tonics and i have stopped it. Am really concerned about its food habits and seriously I am tensed about this issue. Please provide me with valuable suggestions and that would be helpful for me.
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Does your dog not seem interested in food? Is this a recent thing or has your dog always been a finicky eater? When your dog doesn't seem interested in food it can be very disturbing and make you worry that there is something serious going...

Some dogs have insatiable appetites while others are dogs are fussy eaters. Some dogs would wolf down the food while some would act like little ladies and daintily eat. But when a dog with a hearty appetite suddenly turns away from the food and skips several meals, owners would certainly be concerned. The dog’s refusal to eat can be due to a medical problem. Allergies, sore gums, aching teeth and other medical concerns may cause the dog to lose its appetite. Dogs on medication may also shun food. A new brand of dog food or food supplements can be the cause of the non-eating problem. Does you pet have access to the garbage cans? Dogs are less discriminating in what they put in their mouth. Dogs won’t eat when they have upset stomach. So what would you do if your dog won’t eat?

The pet’s refusal to eat can be a sign of an underlying medical condition. Take the dog to a medical facility. Blood test and other examinations will be necessary to rule out medical reasons for the dog’s poor appetite.

Does the dog have a habit of filching food from the table…from the garbage cans? Do the kids and other indulgent family members slip table scraps to the dog waiting under the dining table? Do you give the pet treats and human food every time it snubs the doggie bowl? The pet may have developed a predilection to eating human food. The dog that is refusing to eat the dog food may just be “acting up” and holding out for the tastier human food. Ask the family to refrain from giving the dog human food. Dog food not only contains the necessary vitamins and minerals needed by the dog but it is also adapted to the digestive system of the dog. It would be a good idea to remove the dog from the dining room whenever the family is eating. Provide the dog with its own “dining room” one that is quiet and free from distractions.

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Hi Sadish, thanks for the reply. Ya my dog is having aching teeth it is always in an intension bite some or the thing. next thing is i have visited Vet yesterday he said there is no need for any kind of test's as the dog is healthy and stuff. Something might be left in its stomach so we will make sure its stomach is empty by draining out the motioning by using some tablets.

He said that there is no need for medication and stuff as well.

Am shocked when i have seen fur in its stool.
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The fur can also be fungus .
Is the weather rainy there?
How much time after pooing did you see the fur?
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By sandy · 2012-03-03T14:47:58+0530 03 Mar 2012 2:47 pm
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/friendsi-have-gsd-which-9-months-old-problem-here-is-not-sh_1
Fur can come during grooming licking as well so not to be alarmed unless it is consistent and in large quantities....

when was it last dewormed ?

what do u feed it and how many times ?

did it fall sick recently if so what was the cause ?

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By Sudheer · 2012-03-04T19:43:19+0530 04 Mar 2012 7:43 pm
3 https://www.dogspot.in/qna/friendsi-have-gsd-which-9-months-old-problem-here-is-not-sh_1
Hi sandy, thanks for your feedback. It was dewormed on feb 17th, and I groom it everyday and thing is I feed it twice a day and feed it with royal canin and chicken lever rice.
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