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Is Royal cannine better than Pedigree??

Hi Friends, My 1.5 year old Male Lab weighs 27 kgs, he doesn't looks too skinny and is quite active. of late he has been skipping his meals and needs some cajoling to have his meal. we feed him Pedigree which he is quite fond of. we try to mix his pedigree with other home cooked items. But of late i have noticed that he eats pedigree but shuns the other items mixed with it. Please let me know what else we can start feeding him. Also is Royal cannine better than Pedigree?? and is it ok to start feeding him RC from now?? My vet has been saying that there is nothing wrong with him and it could just be the weather:) Also we are Veggies and so is he:)
By Devesh Chaturvedi · 19 Dec 2009 1:50 pm


By Ravinder · 20 Dec 2009 9:01 pm
If u're giving ur dog a commercial food... there is no need to mix anything in it, cause these commercial foods are already a complete meal. Mixing in other stuff.. u cud be giving him more of 1 nutrient and less of the other.. best is to just stic to either commercial or homemade.

If u r a vegge - what does this homemade consist of? I have a 7 month old rottweiler.. i did try pedigree once... then i let it be.. when she is on a whole meat diet (some roughage added and I give her supplient pills vitmins + calcium).. she poops once or 2ice a day... on pedigree she'd poop 3-4 times a day ... also since its a dry food she gets no dental benefit from it, if u've known an aging dog u know this is important.
She was back on her meat diet the 3rd day.

I havn't tried royal canin, but there r ppl on this site who swear by it, so i've heard only good things abt it, also I hear its very expensive.
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