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What will be the good weighr for 14 months old GSD?

frns i am in a serious problem with my dog i have a gsd 14 months old male he dosnt like to have food usually i feed him beef (JABDA liver) and some times chiken ,chiken liver ,bones he get bored with the food in a week i change the menu every week usually in morning i give him half liter milk some times he will drink it completly some times he not even tastes it , then around 4 clock i feed him beef with some rice , some times he will eat it or some time he just get away from it .. then his dinner time is after 11 hear again the same story ...he is lossing his weight before he was very healthy and now he is also going through shedding ....the most worrying part is that he will not eat food for whole day if he dosent want it . i have my back yard and first floor space completly for him i even take him on night walks he is perfectly active .....i ahve gone through many doctors and also some tests every thing is ok in tests he is from a champion blood line perfectly shaped with excellent structure he is lossing his body can u people suggest me what will be the best home food.. i give him only home food... what is the reason behind doing all this ? after his last deworming he started having food in good way for just5-6 days then again all this started as i cant go for high range markrt food plz suggest me some nutricitious home food ..and how many times shall i feed him ,,.... how many kgs should a 14 months old gsd should eat ,,,.... AND WHAT WILL BE THE GOOD WEIGHT FOR 14 MONTH OLD GSD
By shoei · 13 Aug 2009 3:52 am


By Dinkar Singh · 13 Aug 2009 12:02 pm
At his age 2 meals are enough morning and evening. I generally do not advise non veg for the simple fact that if it is not cooked properly it can give your dogs various problems including worms and hair loss etc. Also do not feed your dog too many things as he will then become very finicky eater another problem specially when meat is given.

After deworming he started eating again properly showing that it cud have been worms. I would suggest that you slowly shift your dog to commercial food like Royal Canin for GSDs or Eukanoba. I think it will cost you the same as buying and feeding non veg nad even if it is a little more expensive you will save of the medical bills etc. What is the point of getting a good dog and then not being able to feed and care for it properly it is a shame.

If you want you can make a veg soup with vegetables and potatoes and then add roti and feed your dog. You can also put sofa bean in his food after cooking. But since he has got used to non veg it will take time to slowlt get him off it.

For shedding of the coat brush regularly to get dead hair off. brushing generally shud also be done twice a week throughout the dogs life.
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By arsh sharma · 17 Aug 2009 5:44 pm
hi frnd purchase Liv 52 syrup from chemist and give 10ml twice a day, preferably empty stomach(never purchase any other brand). and i also give my dog lots of meat but boil it for atleast 25 mins. and kasmanda is right give food only 2 times a day.
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By Koteshwar · 26 Aug 2009 5:44 pm

Dog's health or feeding regime is not only feeding him but to show him enough love and affection and to spend good quality time with him. There can be several things for a dog not eating food, since you have got all the tests done on your dog, i think the only thing it lacks is the love and affection.

I had the same issue with my dog some time back and took her to several doctors and spent loads of money trying to investigate, finally I realized that I am not spending much time with the dog, so now I give all the medication first, like Liv 52, some calcium tablets, then spend atleast 15 minutes playing or patting the dog before I can give the food and then the bowl is totally empty in less than 15 minutes........Try it and I am sure it would work......
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By shabeer · 27 Aug 2009 10:34 am
Hi, I completely agree with kitsrao, I had the same experience, they have mood swings as well, try playing with your dog before you feed him it works very well.. dogs probably get bored too.. :-)
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By Runni · 27 Aug 2009 2:04 pm
I agree too...If your dog is not having any medical problem then probably he is bored or sad...My pup used to do the same thing, not eating properly...he would sniff & leave!!! But when I used to pick up the bowl & offered it to him, he would come running....but again as soon as I put it down he would leave....
One day we had a long play & grooming session...that day he eat his whole meal within 5 min!! From that day onwards we have fun first for 10 min or so and then I offer him his meal...bowl is empty within 5-8min!!! Also he gets a vigorous petting & chest rubbing if he finishes all his meal!!! (I usually say "Oh Jacku has eaten his meal..goooood boy" in a very energetic & assuring voice)
Try spending some time with ur dog before doing the eating business....this may help...
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