What should be the height and weight of my GSD ?

I am from Jharkhand India. My Male GSD named SPIKE DOB is 15 June 2014.I am feeding him Drools Focus Puppy (Supreme Quality) 300-500 grams daily WWW.DROOLS.IN. I am also feeding him half tab of Pfizer Nutrical CA 2 times daily and PETCARE PROVIBOOST 2.5/5 ml daily. Do I need to feed any more supplements.As now his weight is 10-14 kg, its less than compared to GSD growth chart (Germany) at 4 months it should be 19 kg (According to AAFCO .) As I am from India (Indian German Shepherd you may call) is his weight appropriate. I know he is very active healthy ad i cant see but feel his ribs. But Still weight does matter. According to the daily requirement of GSD mentioned by AAFCO, am I giving him each and enough nutrition or I need to feed him Slamond Oil, Vitamin A or Something else. What should be his height and weight.Plz email me nazar6@gmail.com or Call me 08877006299

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Hi, the weight of puppy is always variable at these ages. A lot of times it is the genes and environment that cause the variance in the weight and not the feeding. Please ensure to not overfeed supplements to your dog as that is also slightly detrimental to health.

Wait till 9 months of age to decide whether underweight or not. Remember: underweight is always better than overweight as it gives enough scope for the lean mass and bones to develop strength.

A German bred and raised GSD will be susceptible to more open fields and colder climates and hence develop more fur and fat to cope with it.
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