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I would like to purchase a good dog puppy Doberman/ Boxer/grman shephard?

Hi all i am from pune i would like to purchase a good dog puppy ( doberman/ Boxer/grman shephard) i am staying in an apartment with a 800sq. fr open terrace please give me info. what to look when purchasing a small dog and if you know any genuine breeder in pune how old the puppy should me and in behaviour concern what to watch? thanks
By vaibhav · 14 Oct 2009 7:39 pm


By Dinkar Singh · 15 Oct 2009 10:20 am
You seem confused...as u are naming big breeds but want a small dog. First know what you want and what you can care for. Do your research on the net regarding various breeds and see their individual needs and then narrow down to the breed.
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By Runni · 15 Oct 2009 10:36 am
The breeds u mentioned r NOT small dogs...they r all medium/big breeds...& of course they r very different in temperament & requirements....Plz read carefully about their nature, requirements, etc & then judge whether ur house & lifestyle are suitable for that breed or not....
Foe example, if this is ur first dog the doberman is not recommemded as handling this dog may be tough for an inexperienced owner....even if u just love this breed still u should nt opt for dob if u r nt an experienced person...
Boxer is a very energetic dog so it would require a lot of space secured by fence to run freely...also it will require u to take it out for long walks & play sessions...
GSD is an excellent family dog but again it requires excercise & grooming....
With all these dogs trainig is very important as they r big dogs with lot of energy....they can bring u down if nt trained properly...
Proper feeding with premium food is also important for their proper growth & weight gain....
So now u can calculate ur time, money, energy, space, experience & then choose one...
U can also check out other breeds that can match ur lifestyle...

Whatever breed u buy plz make sure u personally see their parents & other pups of d litter....the kennel & d breeder....how d dogs r kept...parents' registration papers (original copy)....whether u can handle both d parents by urself...how active the pups r...whether they r clean or not....vaccination details....& buy a pup only after it is atleast 2 mnth old....
Make sure ur pup is active...eating properly....pick it up & check out for any deformities...try spending atleast more than an hour at the kennel before choosing a pup.....ask as many questions as u can...
Dont buy if any of the criteria is nt fulfilled....
all d best
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