I gave my 6 week old german shepherd puppy cow milk and he vomited.

According to the instructions on the bottle of ridd it says to dilute the solution in water and apply it on the dogs body and let it dry off and not to give baths after that for 1 week. Now what if the dog licks himself in that period of time? Is it poisonous if he consumes it?

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You can feed your puppy with weaning food instead feeding him with milk. Dogs are lactose intolerant and may have a problem in digesting milk as it has lactose sugar in it. You can feed your puppy with weaning formulae such as baby milk by Royal Canin or Samolac food. You can also introduce him to solid food and feed him 3 -4 times in a day with starter food. While introducing starter food you may soak the food in hot water and once cooled to room temperature you can feed the same. Vomiting in puppies can be because of many reasons. few of them are listed below - 1.vomiting can be due to overfeed2.Can be because of eating something in the house 3.Can be because of some infection Proper vet check up should be done
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