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And can someone please suggest me some dog breeders in Bangalore?

Hi , My Girl's a 6.7 year old Labrador. I want to get her bred and It's her first time. What are the things I should consider? And can someone please suggest me some dog breeders in Bangalore?

· 2014-04-08T13:21:40+0530 08 Apr 2014 1:21 pm


· 2014-04-13T08:05:46+0530 13 Apr 2014 8:05 am
I don't think its a good idea. your dog is rather old to be bred for the first time. first time should be within 3 years of age for female dog. after that the possibility of complications during pregnancy and birth are much higher. another thing - if one has a female dog it is not advisable to breed her once only just out of curiosity. its better not to breed her at all or to breed her regularly. the reason is that during pregnancy, birth and lactation the hormonal balance of the body changes drastically and later on it may lead to pyometra and even cancer. of course may be nothing like that happens but the chances increase. so you should think twice...
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