How to train dog to bark at door bell ring?

Hi good people out there. I have a Lab of 12 months. How do I teach her to bark when the door bel rings or there is some one outside the door. Will appreciate your advice thanks.
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this is quite normal for labradors not to bark at strangers as they are bred for their placid and friendly temperament. It never bothered us (i hate dog barking) however, i can see why you would want yours to.
One technique to get a dog to bark for strangers at the door is to get someone (a friend or someone he doesnt know too well) to stand outside and ring the doorbell. Then get them to hold a treat through the letterbox so the dog can see it and will start barking. After a few seconds, give him the treat. Repeat this a few times, and he will associate the doorbell with food, and will bark when someone calls (treat or no!).
If you are outside and you want the same reaction, teach him the 'speak command' by holding up a treat, and repeating 'speak' until he barks, then give him the treat.Once he has learnt the word, you can use it outside when being approached by strangers, or other animals etc.
Always remember to keep a few treats in your pocket when you are out - labs will do anything for food! But as a lab owner you will have to accept that they will never be effective guard dogs,and other dogs (and humans) know this.Be prepared for an inevitable dog fight if your lab barks at the wrong dog. And from experience, the lab always comes off worse
Hope this helps
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2011-04-13T01:49:01+0530 13 Apr 2011 1:49 am
Well i don't know if it would work for you, but I learned a trick by chance. Whenever someone rang a bell, I'd get all excited and used to call my pup by his name followed by "who's there". He would bark out of sheer excitement I guess and followed me to the door. I'd open the door and calmed down. Now all I have to say "who's there" and he barks. Also hearing the door open he'd bark. Just to add he's an adopted mixed breed and almost 6 months old now.
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2011-04-14T01:06:06+0530 14 Apr 2011 1:06 am
Anyth'ng not gonna work....Labradors r not guard or watch dogs....They cant alert u.....If u need a good guard dog as per ur requirements.....Get a rottie....Trust me.....They r excellent for the purpose....My rottweiler started barking towards since 4 months and is a real tough guy now.....Labradors r cute n very friendly though....No hard feel'ngs.....But srry not a watch or guard dog.....U can cuddle him/her,play etcc....But not much barking stuff.
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By Bijal 2011-04-14T13:47:45+0530 14 Apr 2011 1:47 pm
My lab barks at strangers, also on bell rings and go outside on the gate, but as all above said they r just a lovable breed. He doesnt do more than that, just goes near the stranger and waggs his tail. :( So the purpose of guarding is not solved through a lab. The trick that said by EL Bandito is right here for me also. I've also trained him as he did. Just by saying on a bell rand "Kaun hai" and he go outside and barks.
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By nithia 2011-04-14T17:23:57+0530 14 Apr 2011 5:23 pm
I agree that Labs are not attack/guard dogs, but my lab goes sniffing at the door when a stranger approaches the door or proceeds up the steps. She gets restless when she hears an unfamiliar sound at night and alerts me with her signals. She saved me from a snake at karjat by barking furiously when the snake was passing between my feet at a farmhouse in karjat. Thanks to her instinct. Moreover she would not let any outsider enter the gate, she would just pounce that was enough to scare the person.
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By xceww 2011-04-18T20:01:29+0530 18 Apr 2011 8:01 pm
Labs are not naturals at what you want them to do..the barking part i.e. For instance you have to teach a GSD to not bark when the door bell rings when it gets too much.

However, First teach her to bark on command.
Then everytime the door bell rings or someones outside the door give her the command.
Reinforce the behaviour either with petting or vocal appreciation and you will soon realise she does the barking without your command.
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By nithia 2012-09-23T01:25:38+0530 23 Sep 2012 1:25 am
I agree Labs are not guard dogs but they can be quite alert when strangers near your door, the only thing is that you have to pay attention to his behavior. For example I have a female Lab she is now 3 years old she never would bark at all until she was almost a year old. I then decided to keep her to our farmhouse at Karjat where we had 2 German Shepherd dogs who were good guards.I stayed there continuously for a couple of months myself and my dog. During those couple of months she became so watchful that she would be the first one to bark continuously at anyone entering the gate (The GSDs were in their Kennels during the day) and she would literally pull the stick from the villagers hand and bark. So I feel that if Labs are in the company of guard dogs they can be good guard dogs as well.
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